Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HW 42: Podcast

Hello, this is Kelly, and we are the Beta Pod from Keene State College ITW 101. We are using Baghdad Burning as a reference for this podcast.

Hi, this is Sarah. The passage that left the biggest impression on us from this weeks reading was found on page 262. Riverbend basically says that Bush gives repulsive speeches and is sheepish-however he makes an attempt to sound sincere. The people of Iraq are not big fans of President Bush.

Hi, this is Lori. Student next semester can expect to learn first hand what it was like living in Iraq during the war.

Hey, this is Hayley. The students can also learn from the book that what is shown on Television is not half as bad as it really is.

Hi, this is Emily. Thank you for listening to us, have an enjoyable evening! Peace out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

HW first Podcasting

Monday, November 12, 2007

HW: 31 Responding to Riverbend

During the past reading assignment from Baghdad Burning, there was one person who's story seemed to stick out to me. Abu Ra'ad was a an who lived in Baghdad and worked as a lawyer with his own private office. When i searched his name on the internet not much came up about him. Most of the information discussed his death. As a lawyer Ra'ad's office was very small and only had three desks in it. He had a wife and three children and was always a busy worker. Until one day he went out in his car and never came back. He was missing for many days and his family finally morned his death later on after he had left.

HW: 30 Citizenship Symposium

This past week I attended two of the speeches that were held at the Citizenship Symposium at my college. The one that I attended on tuesday was a woman born in the birthplace of america, Lexington, Massachusetts. Her name was Nancy Tobi and during her speech she spoke about the different kinds of voting methods in the state of New Hampshire. There are two different kinds. One is called the Diebold and they are machines that count the votes for you and the other is just plain old hand counted voting. She was very determined in getting her point across about the different types of voting in the state and she wants it to get easier.
The one speech that I went to on thursday was with US representative and Holocaust survivor, Tom Lantos. In his speech he told of his experiences while growing up and how he only moved to the United States at the age of 19 right after World War II. His main point was to tell us that reputations are now not as important as they used to be and he has hope for the United States of America.

HW: 28 Open Letter to riverbend.

Dear Riverbend,

lately i have been reading and following your blogs from Baghdad Burning very closely and I feel very bad for you. When you are blogging, telling how much tragedy and violence is going on in Iraq it scares me a lot and i can only imagine how you are feeling right now. I don't even think that I would be able to handle everything that you go through because i sit here in America feeling comfortable that nothing will happen over here, when there is so much going on where you are. My heart breaks over and over when i read your blogs. I wish i was able to comfort you so I am hoping that you are doing okay and continue to be that way.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HW: 27 Letter To Riverbend

From quickly skimming the book and reading the back cover, it seems as though the book Baghdad Burning is about a young girl from Iraq who blogs day to day about her experiences in Baghdad during the war. The author of the book, the young girl calls herself “Riverbend”. She often tells in her blogs of how she is an eyewitness to all of the things that go on in her town. She sees a lot of war going on and she tells the readers how she and her fellow citizens of Baghdad are affected by it. Her blog is not only about the personal things that happen to her during the war, but also the political aspects of it too. She describes how Iraqui women are treated differently and tells the reality of it all. This book would be used in my class because I am in a Blogging class, therefore I will get good information about how to blog from her entries and I will also become more educated about the war going on in Iraq.
“Baghdad Burning” is written by Riverbend. Foreword by Ahdof Soueif and Introduction by James Ridgeway. Printed in The Feminist Press at the City University of New York, NY in 2005.

HW: 25 Responding to Riverbend

In the beginning of the book Baghdad Burning there is a foreword and an introduction that both differ. In the foreword the writer, Adaf Soueif, explains things about the author who calls herself Riverbend. Soueif does a good job of telling us what is to come in the book and describes how great of an author Riverbend is and how people should be privelaged to read her work. The introduction of this book is a lot different. In this part James Ridgeway describes the war that we are currently fighting in Iraq. He tells the history behind it and also why we are there fighting it. It is mostly about the facts and stuff about the war and details but it does not really describe how it is effecting the citizens around. In Riverbend’s blogs, she describes the war from her perspective and tells how it is affecting the citizens around. As I remember hearing about the war, I do believe I have heard all of the information stated in the introduction, but I am very curious to see how the citizens were affected by it. I can only imagine what they went through but since I was not there and currently do not have the chance to go there I would not know what happens day to day.